What is the React Native Framework?

One code… two platforms

For several years now, the React Native Framework has taken the tech world by storm by providing a way to simultaneously develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.
The React Native Framework has been successfully adopted by hundreds of companies around the world, including Uber, Microsoft, and Facebook, and is used across a range of industries. Continue reading “What is the React Native Framework?”

What is a mobile framework?

A framework for a mobile application?

Before we dive into the frameworks used for mobile development, it is important to understand what a framework is. In simple terms, a framework is a library that provides the basic structure needed to create mobile applications for a specific environment.

The mobile framework provides a library of functions that developers can design according to their needs. So in development, using a framework saves time when creating web or mobile projects. The framework is based on programming languages such as PHP, Python, javascript and Ruby. Continue reading “What is a mobile framework?”

iOS 16 news and rumors

iOS 16 is sure to offer some exciting improvements for iPhone users.

Apple is known to keep its mobile operating system secret until its official launch. Lots of leaks led to the reveal of the iOS 16 beta launch date, but that doesn’t mean we’re any closer to seeing all the new features for iOS 16.

Apple fans have been clamoring for OS update information, and rumors are swirling about what we can expect to see on release day.

The good news ? We’ve got plenty of rumours, leaks and social media news to keep us busy until Cupertino-based Apple finally unveils the new operating system. Here’s everything we know about iOS 16 so far. Continue reading “iOS 16 news and rumors”