Call Center VoIP Solutions

7 amazing call center VoIP solutions to up your customer service game

Call center VoIP solutions offer everything you need if you want to improve your customer service. Today, we’re going to go over 7 different call center VoIP solutions that will take your business to the next level and make you look like a superstar in the eyes of your customers.

1) The power of free trials

If you’re running a Call center VoIP solutions and not offering free trials, you could be missing out on some valuable insight into your customer service policies. Free trials can help you gather important data about what’s working (and what isn’t) in your business, as well as boost revenues. Customers who are hesitant about committing to a contract may be more willing if they have an opportunity to try out your services for free—and that means money for you in terms of increased sales and value. It’s also good for customers, who can get a feel for how their call centers function before they actually commit to anything long-term. If nothing else, free trials represent a low-risk way of getting new customers on board!

2) How do you get customers on your trial?

Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to get started on your trial. If they can’t sign up, they can’t convert. Let them jump right in with a self-service onboarding process that gets them through any friction points (like credit card validation) before they even talk to a real person. A self-service onboarding process is also great for LTV:CAC scenarios, where you want each customer going through your funnel to be able to bring over an average of 5–10 friends or family members in their first 30 days of usage. This way you can quickly scale your customer base with low marginal cost, and look back on how well you did at each point in their journey down your funnel after 30 days.

3) Make sure they’re engaged!

If your customers are unhappy, they won’t be around for long. An unhappy customer experience can cause churn and cost you valuable revenue in ways that extend beyond their initial purchase. Poor support or lack of follow-up with disgruntled customers can lead them to bash your company on social media, post negative reviews, or stop doing business with you altogether. Even if it seems as though all is well and good when your customers first sign up, don’t let yourself relax until you know they’re happy—and staying that way. So how do you keep your customers happy?

4) Automate the Trial Process

It’s well known that many customers will simply walk away from your business if you make them wait on hold for more than two minutes. The long trial process also creates a major barrier for new customers. Even worse, it often leads consumers to go through your product or service without really learning about its features and benefits (or how it can solve their problems). Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help automate your trial process. For example, tools like GoToAssist and Click-to-Call allow customers to launch an online chat session directly from a landing page. Once they’re in, they get step-by-step instructions on how to use your product or service—and you get lower customer support costs and happier customers.

5) Don’t forget, making people happy makes your company successful

If your customer service isn’t up to par, you can lose hundreds, thousands—even millions—of dollars. For example, businesses that receive A’s on customer-service surveys have 32% higher customer retention than those with C’s or worse. You also have fewer complaints and a lower churn rate. Those are all great reasons to improve your voice and video technologies—so why not start now?

6) Ensure customer retention with IVR, SMS and chat.

As you run a business, customer service will inevitably be a top priority for you. In fact, customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Of course, it’s also one of those things that can easily slip your mind when you have so many other things on your plate. IVR, SMS and chat are all features which you can use in tandem with each other to help increase your level of customer service. With these three tools at your disposal, there is no doubt that customer retention rates will rise.

7) Remember, everyone wants more convenience in their lives. So make it available with Virtual Contact Centers.

Virtual Contact Centers offer a wide range of features and functionality, but they’re only as good as your voice and data infrastructure. A reliable, secure, high-performance network allows agents to spend less time on tech problems and more time offering superior customer service. It can also make it easier for companies to scale up quickly when a new opportunity arises. The end result is an increase in performance that improves customer experience…and ultimately drives sales and revenue for you.


A business cannot excel if its callers aren’t able to reach your agents, and a bad customer experience can be ruinous. Investing in quality software and hardware can save money over time by reducing costs and increasing productivity. Many providers offer discounts for non-profits, which often operate on lean budgets; however, because their businesses are mission-driven, non-profits have demonstrated that they will invest in top of line products when it helps them achieve their goals. It’s easy to get started with most business communication services; just take a look at our reviews of some of our favorite call center voip solutions