7 Reasons to Use VoIP Phone Service Business

To make your small business more efficient, you may want to consider using VoIP Phone Service Business. These phone services allow you to ditch the landline and still get excellent quality and dependability at a reduced cost. VoIP Phone Service Business have been around for years, but they’re constantly evolving, with new features being added to the service on an ongoing basis. Here are seven reasons why you should use VoIP phone services for your small business and what you can look forward to with this service in the future as it continues to improve.

Saves Money

The bottom line is that small businesses need business telephone service, and they can’t afford to pay a lot. If you go with traditional options, you might end up paying more than $1,000 per month. In contrast, top VoIP providers like FreedomVoice and Vonage offer extremely low rates—about $20 per month with all of their services included in that price. However, there are plenty of other reasons why small businesses should switch to VoIP phone service; keep reading for more details.

Quality Calls

When you’re using a regular phone line, everything that happens after you dial is out of your control. The sound quality of calls can vary from day to day depending on how your provider handles traffic. With a VoIP phone system, though, you know exactly what kind of quality calls are possible—and it will be hard for other providers to beat that standard. That makes it easier to guarantee good customer service, since customers aren’t upset with spotty or constantly busy lines and understand there’s nothing you can do about it. It also gives potential new customers confidence in your company when they see consistent call quality as they research your company online before contacting you.


One of the reasons many small businesses are moving to VoIP services is because it gives them access to a virtual phone system no matter where they are. Gone are the days when you had to be in your office at all times or make an expensive long-distance call from your cell phone. Now, as long as you have internet service, you can take care of any business tasks that need doing without leaving home. And don’t underestimate how nice it is being able to have a relaxing dinner with your family and work out of town for a few days knowing that your employees can still get a hold of you.

Anywhere Access

You can access your calls from anywhere at any time as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or an internet connection, depending on your plan. This is especially helpful if you have employees who travel frequently or if you’re often working from home. Many mobile apps allow you to receive and make calls straight from your smartphone—even in areas with poor cell reception. As long as you have access to 3G/4G service, then it’s easy and convenient to keep in touch with clients and customers while out of town or away from your office. It also makes keeping business hours easier by allowing people in different time zones (or multiple locations) to communicate with one another more effectively.

Local Number

If you’re in business and operating in a local area, then why wouldn’t you want a local number? It makes your business seem more legitimate, especially if you have customers that live close by. If a customer wants to call and ask about an order, or discuss a job or whatever reason they might need your business but happen to live far away, then having them reach out via phone will be much easier if it has your local area code instead of some other random one. You can even get multiple numbers with different area codes from one service (which usually is pretty cheap), so keep that in mind.

Customization Options

For example, small businesses are increasingly opting to forego a physical landline and instead rely on a virtual office line (VOIP) phone service. This gives you all of the advantages of a traditional office line—for instance, call forwarding or call waiting—with none of the drawbacks. Using VOIP services, it’s easy to carry your business around with you wherever you go; making calls from anywhere with an Internet connection is just as simple as plugging in your home phone. In fact, some packages even allow you to have different lines that ring into multiple phones so that everyone can be reached at once. If location independence is important for your business, look into VoIP services today!

Increased Mobility & Flexibility

Once you’ve got your feet under you, get out and talk to other business owners. One of your biggest strengths as a small business owner is that you can show up at a meeting or conference (or just coffee) on very short notice because it doesn’t require coordinating with an assistant. VoIP services will help you maintain that flexibility and keep your office location from becoming an issue. In addition, if you decide to move offices—for example, if rent gets too high or if you get tired of driving across town—you don’t have to worry about losing customers: All they need is your phone number.


Make your business as efficient as possible by switching to a virtual phone service that takes care of all your communication needs. From picking up calls on any device, transferring calls and accessing voicemail, you can easily run your business from anywhere—making it more than worthwhile.